ECN Liquidity

Meta Trade worldwide network has been set up with speed, reliance, efficiency, and security at the heart of the system. We are a True ECN (Electronic Communication Network), bridging our clients directly to the markets without any internal dealing desks.

The proprietary aggregation system program is one of most effective cost saving measures we use to save you money on each trade. Essentially, the more diverse selection of liquidity providers we use, the lower the average spread for our clients and the speed and real time response of our ECN system allows for this.

Benefit from one of the market’s best liquidity solution:

Deep-pool Liquidity

  • Unrivaled depth of market (up to 100 lot trades per click at 1:500 leverage)
  • Very low spreads (from 0.1 pips)
  • Liquidity providers compete for your business


  • 3 Equinix Serves, NY4, LD4, TY3, dedicated to operations, back-up and fail-safe
  • Our ECN system uses Straight Through Processing (STP)
  • Non-dealing Desk (NDD) broker

Integrated and Optimised

  • ECN/STP prevents slippage and failed executions
  • Our proprietary in-house aggregation system is fully integrated and optimised to work on an ECN network
  • Increase speeds and decreased latency

Meta Trade PRO – Institutional Liquidity platform

Meta Trade PRO is an advanced platform compliant for institutional clients. It guarantees operational transparency (order books) and the highest standard for the reports.p>

It has all the necessary functionalities to actively manage a liquidity account such as Market Depth presentation, daily reports, FIX connectivity, click and trade buttons, market watch and full view of account summary.

The platform also provides built-in deposits and a CRM system for easy management. It can be accessed through the web, desktop or mobile app. Meta Trade PRO handles positions both in netting (FIFO) and retail mode.

Get access to Match-Prime institutional liquidity pools:

  • Deep Liquidity on Prime of Prime model
  • CySEC regulatory compliance
  • Liquidity for 12 Cryptocurrencies
  • Up to 10 levels of Market Depth
  • Spreads from 0.1
  • Min. monthly fee of $1000
  • Fast onboarding procedure
  • Quick integration and 24-hour tech support
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