Liquidity Providers

Meta-Trader Pro is the new generation system to produce transparent, distributed and independent ECN Forex request, which provides an exchange-suchlike experience for forex brokers.

Our result is a complete system with an assembled-in matching engine to come independent liquidity provider with the compatibility to fluently gauge your business.

Key advantages of our offer for Crypto Brokers:

Fast setup

You can run your Crypto business within one week after subscribing one contract.

Reduce your costs

Benefit from lower freights while choosing the full package of our crypto results.

Limited formalities

We take care of all the paper work offering company enrollment support.

Settle payments in cryptocurrencies

We offer flexible payment options including taking over the crypto volatility threat Each-by- one place. We cover full technology service to give you with complete trading software.

All-in-one place

We cover full technology service to provide you with complete trading software.

Crypto Liquidity

We offer preferential liquidity conditions from a trusted mate

Starting own Liquidity Provider with Meta Trade Technologies includes:

  • Consultancy before setup
  • Setup of ready to use system
  • Training of system management
  • Hosting in OVH in Roubaix
  • Connection to our partner Liquidity Provider
  • Help in connecting LPs and Clients
  • Reduction on MT4/MT5 Bridge
  • 24/5 Support
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Why choose Meta Trade Pro System:

Cutting edge technology

Our result is grounded on an ultra-fast matching machine which guarantees no requotes, no rejections and no last look prosecutions to your Clients.

FIX & Bridge connectivity

Distribute your liquidity through FIX protocol and MT4/ MT5 including Match-Trade, PrimeXM, OneZero to multiple FX platforms like MT4, MT5, xStation, cTrader.

Impact on business costs

Fairly low set- up cost to enter institutional Forex assiduity. No development figure, only a simple monthly figure .

Aggregate multiple LPs

Make your own liquidity pool by connecting multiple liquidity providers to your matching machine

Completely ingrained platform

Web-grounded platform ingrained with your design with a director and director operation

A-Book and B-Book execution

Offer your Clients A-Book and B-Book prosecution grounded on the development figure